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  1. Hi Verundeep,

    Thanks for a great reflection – I really like your visual approach! You have some great highlights here – creating community, being human and empathetic and providing good feedback. You shared a lot of similar top takeaways with Hannah – and in both your posts I appreciated your highlighting the importance of the design models and how they help with planning and purpose. Best of luck with your future teaching – I am sure your students will appreciate your creativity and careful planning for engagement and motivation.

    • Thank you so much. I didn’t even realize how many similarities we had until I just reviewed her work.
      Thank you for all your help this semester. I really enjoyed taking this course and am appreciative of the creative activities we got to participate in.

  2. This list of nine takeaways is awesome! It’s awesome how we both connect with the same ideas and tools. I love that reminder about being creative—it’s like a nudge to think outside the box which is what teachers need to do on a daily basis. Keep exploring and adding to your toolkit.

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